• Science for Diplomacy: Multidisciplinary Training Programme “DIPLOMAzia2

    October 11, 2016 • opportunities

    30 six-month specialized training courses  – jointly granted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of International Cooperation and the C.N.R. -  are available for selected graduates, graduated professionals and officials in public institutions from Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania.   The courses, carried out at CNR Institutes in Italy, will cover the following macro-sectors:

    Course 1. Environment / Climate Changes / Resilience with particular reference in the Mediterranean Area;

    Course 2. Management and Use of agro-food resources with the aim of fostering sustainable agriculture and arboriculture as well as of reducing the physical and biological effects of climate changes;

    Course 3. Governance of knowledge, management, preservation, promotion and sustainable fruition of Cultural Heritage

    All info available here.

    Deadline for applicants: November 4th, 2017